A Turn for the Worse!!!

Events from April 10th-April 14th

Don't let that title scare you, but it definitly has been a rough couple of days. When I concluded my last blog, I was saying how Jason had begun to throw up. It was getting worse. On the take home directions that we are given when we leave Chemo, it says to call the Dr if you have thrown up three or more times in the last 24 hours without the relief of medicine. By 10 pm Wednesday night, Jason had thrown up 6 times with only cutting back to 5 zofran a day rather than the 6 that was keeping it under control. Of course this is what I had blamed it on. It felt good to take my anger out on the insurance again. We called the Dr and he didn't think we needed to go to the emergency room that night, but he would call in a perscription for Ativan and said to start taking the Zofran every 4 hours again. He also said we should go to the clinic first thing in the morning. We went and picked up the prescription, and luckily, Jason was able to rest well enough that night. Although when he woke up that morning and violently threw up the pills I had just given him, I knew this was going to be worse than I thought. Jason got his labs done. I believe mainly to check if he was bad enough to be admitted. We didn't have to wait long to get into a room. When the Dr had came in, like on cue, Jason threw up viloently again. I saw the look on the Oncolgists face, someone who sees this all the time, and left the room. I was scared. I didnt know what to do. Since I couldn't call my mom to comfort me, I called the next best thing, my Mother-in-Law. I told her how bad Jason was and that there was no way he was going to be able to go home that weekend, and I wouldnt leave him at the hotel alone. She told me she would go home to Mel and they would figure out what to do. I was so relieved. When I told Jason that his parents would  help us, he smiled for the first time in a long time.
The night before I had also called our amazing flight doc Capt. Dewilde, she told me she would get Jason what he needed. I told her that I would buy enough Zofran till we could get them from the pharmacy on base. After Debra had called me and told me she would fly into Abilene to take care of the boys so I could stay with Jason, I realized that we now wouldn't be able to get the Zofran pills from the base pharmacy. As Jason was resting with his IV fluid in him, I began calling a few people that could help me find someone who was coming up to Dallas in the next day that could bring the pills to us. I also knew that I needed to find someone to babysit the babies because I didn't want Debra wearing herself out tackling the babies while trying to watch Dylan and Jackson's games. It was good to be able to focus on something other than how horrible Jason was feeling. My life saver Sara said she would help me find some people to watch the babies. I felt bad having to tell her that she was mistaken and we still had another week to go. Luckily I got ahold of some people quickly. Our sweet neighbor Ana Ogdee would be there while they took there noon nap and a lovely girl from our ward Mariah Mayo. We had never used her before, but I had faith she would be great. It was a bonus when her mom told me she could drive. It just so happened that I knew for sure that someone was coming up to Dallas, because we talked about having her son stay at my house while she took her older daughter to a tournament up here. Jason was done with his IV fluids and we went straight over to Radiation. It didnt take long for him to throw up again, but I felt better knowing that he would have IV fluids again the next morning. While Jason was getting his radiation I was able to call my friend Lisa who was coming up. She said that they were not planning on coming up till Saturday morning. I told her that was fine and that I could just buy enough until I could get them from her. She said that she wasn't busy that night and that she could drive them up to me. I tried to refuse, but ultimately wore her down to meeting me in Weatherford so she wouldn't have to come through this dreadful traffic. She agreed to that. Jason and I finally got out of the Radiation clinic around 4 o'clock. I hated leaving him, but I knew that he was exhausted, and having peace and quiet for awhile would do him good. I got him his pills and tucked him into bed. Since it was 4:30, I figured I would head out and hopefully get farther then Weatherford so Lisa wouldn't have to drive so far. I got out of Ft. Worth without hitting too much traffic. Lisa and I kept texting each other to see where we would meet. We finally figured that Ranger was going to be a good spot. I pulled up to her car knocked on her window we both looked both ways while she quickly slipped me a brown paper bag. Considering how many pills there were and how much they were worth, discretion was due :) Nah just kidding, we joked about it! I kept telling her how terribly grateful I was to her for doing that for us, and the only reason I did it is so she would still let her son stay at our house that weekend. Dylan and him were DYNAMITE together!!!
Even though I had to drive in the dark the trip back went pretty quickly since I kept calling my friends to keep me awake. I got back to Jason just in time to give him his pills again.
The next morning was a replay of the day before. Although this time the nurse was able to get Jason's Oncologist to come in and see him. He said that he wasn't too surprised that he was feeling like he was, he was actually amazed that he hadn't felt like this before. He said that he had another young man that was actually also in the military, and he was getting half the dose that Jason was getting and he had to be admitted to the hospital. He did say though, that if Jason didn't get better by Tuesday that he probably wasn't going to let him have his Chemo. I knew I had to do everything this weekend to make sure that didn't happen. I had told my sister earlier that we were having to stay the weekend. She was nice enough to invite me to dinner with her and my brother in law. We had a great time. I had to take a picture of Ty with his lobster.
We started out ok. I babied Jason all day making sure he didn't move around too much especially after I had gotten him something to eat and given him a calorie-rich shake through his tube. We did pretty good and got a little too cocky around three o'clock Saturday. I needed to go to the pharmacy to pick up some meds for Jason. He wanted to go. This is where we learned our lesson. Don't go before you need your pills, don't go right after you eat something, and don't go on the HORRIBLE roads that are between here and the pharmacy. As I was coming back from the store I saw the sad look on Jason's face and emisis bag full in his hand. I felt defeated. I immediately knew that I probably shouldn't have let him come with me.
We had been waiting to hear from Jason's good friend Mike Heddinger. He had sent Jason a text asking him if he could pay us a visit. Unfortunaetly his timing wasn't the best, but we were not going to show it. We had just came back when the phone rang announcing Mike's arrival. What Jason should have done was lay back in his bed and settled down and then I should have given him his pills. He was too good of a host even in his poorest hour. We all sat down together and Jason tried to act like he was fine. Everytime Mike said he should go Jason told him that he was fine and refused to make something out of nothing. I was surprised when Jason let me give him his pills right in front of Mike, but obviously he felt comfortable enough around him. The nausea monster hadn't let us go yet and a few minutes after I gave Jason his pills, he threw them up! He tried to play it cool, but he couldn't hold back any longer and excused himself to rest a minute. If it had been anyone other than Mike it might have been uncomfortable, but Mike is one-of-a-kind. We were able to talk for an hour and a half about everything. Jason finally came back out looking more like himself. He kept saying how wonderful it was to see Mike again. I will never forget what he did for Jason and how much that meant to him! Thanks again Mike!
I went to bed that night planning out exactly how I was going to take care of Jason the next day. So far it has worked Jason hasn't thrown up and hasn't complained about being in too much pain. I have just tried to cope with feeling terribly sad all weekend because I miss my boys so much. Debra was really good to send us pictures of them and tell us how well they did at their games.

I am so grateful that she was able to step in and never missed a beat with the boys and their crazy weekend schedule. My boys are so unbelivably special to be able to be taken care of so many different wonderful hands and always be the sweet loving angels that they ARE...YES I AM CRYING NOW. Probably a good time to end. I will continue to do my best to take care of Jason. Hopefully I will be able to report that Jason is able to get his Chemo and that we didn't have the problems that we anticipated. Thank you for all of your support and love. I couldn't do without all of you.

Love, Heather

Exactly ....what do I name this carzy week!

Events from April 1-10th

Really, I don’t try to seek out drama. I know I have a “history” of “histrionics” as Jason so eloquently puts it, but I can make this stuff up. We did instigate it a little, but we were just standing up for ourselves. Jason always tells me that I should write a book about my life. Maybe someday I will, but I need to make sure it has a happy ending first.
Let me begin with the morning after we finished our last post. I can’t remember how much I talked about this earlier. I still feel a little guilty about what we did, but maybe if I can convince you I can convince myself!! We were told the previous Thursday we would be able to get back to our room on Monday evening after they had finished “treating” the room. We knew that they were ‘treating” the room by bringing in heaters and raising the temperature up to 120 degrees for 4 hours. Please keep in mind that they were just doing this as a precaution. They didn’t find an “infestation” in our room per say, but “possible evidence of an infestation”. The DO told me that they could lay eggs and that in could become “infested” again if they didn’t do this to kill the “possible” eggs. When we got to the hotel I went down to talk to the DO. He wasn’t there so I was led to the GM. He briefly explained that they weren’t able to get the room up to 120 so that the pest control company was going to bring more heaters tomorrow. I was annoyed and knew Jason would be livid. I joked with him that well we were going to go to a movie; I always like an excuse to have to go shopping. He said bring us the receipts we will do whatever we can for you.
Jason had taken the news better than I thought. I think he was just excited that I agreed to go to the GI Joe movie with him. We arrived at the mall and I saw a store that interested me right across from the movie theater. Jason saw some comfy chairs, so I knew I would have all the time I wanted. I found something I liked. It was time for the movie, and thought that maybe Jason would be able to shop a little if he rested long enough at the movie. I was wrong. He knew that we needed to buy something for him to wear, so he said he would just wait for me in the truck. Dallas is really funny, you can be in a nice neighborhood and go a block and be in the ghetto. This mall was a great example of that. I stuck out like a sore thumb!! I FINALLY found Jason a shirt that I thought he would like and walked back through the mall very quickly!!!
I love the mornings before Jason begins another round of Chemo. He is feeling the best he will feel for the week, and he is looking forward to relaxing all day in a comfy chair. I know I will be literally sitting at his feet waiting on him. Nothing makes me happier!! The day went very smoothly we were able to get back to the hotel at a reasonable hour. Now that Jason was on the right “cocktail” of medicine he was doing better. We knew we would have to let the room cool down so we planned on just moving all of our stuff over on Wednesday morning. I called before we head over to make sure the roomed had been cleaned. They transferred me over to the DO who was now back to work. I asked him if we were all set to move into our room. He said coyly, didn’t they tell you, I said yes the GM your BOSS said that they were coming back yesterday. He was silent for a second; probably trying to decide how he was going to break this to me. He said well I believe he was mistaken because they are not able to come back until Thursday. I tried to remain calm.  I said well we didn’t bring enough clothes to stay out of our room until Thursday! He said well can you go over to your room and get what you need and they would send it out to be dry cleaned and it would be returned to us at 4pm. Jason didn’t take it as well this time. He told me to go get EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING WE HAD OVER THERE. I tried to calm him down and play down the situation. He was starting to argue with me and I knew he wasn’t going to let it go. Right then I decided to do what Jason said. He was hurting every time he talked and getting upset was just going to make that worse. I didn’t deserve to take the punishment because they have such poor communication at their hotel. So I did it. I went down to the front desk to get some big garbage bags, also hoping to run into the DO and warn him about what was going to happen.  I didn’t see him and continued on. I got everything out loaded it on my back. I took this picture knowing that I would have to have proof of what I really did.
I tried to not think about how much the bill was going to be, but had no idea it could be what it was. We called the front desk at 5 and they said that they had just received our clothes and the bell boy would bring them up. Another hour later, we still had no clothes. Also we had noticed that the microwave in this room was acting like our old one. Jason said he would go down with me to see where our clothes were and to tell them about our microwave. I walked back with the bell boy to get our clothes while Jason stayed to talk to the attendant. I walked back to the desk just as I had saw the attendant say yes I hear you and shooed Jason away with his hand! Even though Jason was slightly stoned that guy had no right to do that to him. The bell boy helped wheel the cart up and we started transferring the clothes to our closet. I was looking at some of the receipts but didn’t notice the total. Jason said HOLY COW the total is $665. I was shocked and felt sick to my stomach. I knew that they wouldn’t say anything to us about it. The DO said from the very beginning that he was scared this was going to be leaked out to the news. I tried to justify it by telling Jason that well if the GM hadn’t just tried to get rid of me and found out the real story. I would have said ok well we will by some new clothes and you can pay for the bill.  I can tell you it would have been a LOT less than $665.
The rest of the week went better. Nothing was bothering me except some problems I was having about care and rides for Dylan. We were relishing in the fact that Jason was able to eat a little and was gaining some weight back. Even though our room was ready by Thursday night, I told them that we would give them a chance to clean it up well and we wouldn’t move in until we came back on Monday. Friday morning Jason was getting a liter of fluids to give him a little boost for the weekend. The ride home was a little hairy with Jason feeling nausea, but we made it home safely. When Jackson showed me a birthday invitation for that night I was worried that it would have been too little of notice. The invitation had a number on it and I left a message saying that I had just found about the party and that my son wanted to go, and to please let me know if it was too late. It worked out perfectly because Dylan had a baseball game at 6 and the party was at 7:30. Jason first said he could watch the babies while I took the older boys to the game. Then Jason came to me an hour before we were to go and asked if I could take Harrison to the game. When we were set to leave and I saw that Jason was asleep. I loaded all of the boys and headed out. Dylan did AWESOME! I was so happy that they were finally able to be proud of how they were playing. The kids did well; I was able to keep them contained for most of the game.
The game was lasting a little longer then I thought it would, and I wanted to leave to get Jackson to his birthday party on time. I thought they were going to just finish out the rest of that inning. Dylan had asked if they win the game if he could spend the night at his friend Seth’s house. How could I say no to that. I had already arranged for Seth’s mom Lisa to give Dylan a ride home since I was going to be taking Jackson to his party. As I was exiting the parking lot I got a text from Lisa. She said Dylan just hit a HOME RUN!!! Seriously I got Jackson to his party and I knew the Mom from helping with the Christmas party for Jax school. I was asking her if she could text me when they were done and I could come pick him up, she had said that they had played really well at the zoo that day and asked if he could spend the night. I felt a little bad about being apart from him when we hadn’t seen him all week, but knew we would be with each other ALL day tomorrow! I got clothes for Dylan to change into went home and washed his outfit for the morning. I knew Saturday was going to be a big day, but stayed up to watch all of the Glee episodes I had recorded! I had to take advantage of Dylan and Jackson not being there to see it!
This is how Saturday went… Kellen got me up at 6:30 (after going to bed at 2). Made the babies breakfast got them dressed. 8:45- Jackson was dropped off got him dressed everyone loaded up. 9:15- dropped Jackson off for pictures and asked another players mom to watch out for him. Went to where Dylan was spending the night and dropped of his uniform. It was colder than I thought so I went back home for warmer clothes for us to wear. 10:00-Watched Jackson’s game with Kellen and Harrison. It was nice to have help from a player’s little sister to entertain the babies. Jackson got on base every time and played catcher too. He did a good job, as long as the ball came right to him. Luckily I had cash on me, because of course I had trashed the email that had the sno cone schedule and it was my turn!
11am -We went home to get the babies down for a nap and have Jackson change into his soccer uniform. Jason was awake on the couch but I knew the babies wouldn’t be any trouble for him since they would be sleeping. After changing my clothes again because it was now warm we headed back to the baseball field. 12pm-Dylan did great at his baseball game. He wasn’t able to get another home run, but got a triple a couple of times. Luckily I still had cash because it was also my turn to pay for Dylan’s sno cones. 2pm- We were able to be on time for Jackson’s soccer game. Dylan got a ride home and was able to spend some quality time alone with his dad. Jackson did really well at his soccer game. He is totally different boy than the one who just played in the dirt and ran a step behind everyone else last year. 3pm- headed home babies were up changed their diapers got them something to eat. Loaded everyone up headed to the store to get a present for a birthday party that Dylan was going to at 4pm. Dropped him off and arranged for another mother to drive him home. 4:30pm- Finally sat down, but it was on the trampoline with my babies. It was wonderful!
Sunday was just what it needed to be calm and peaceful, well as much as it can be with 4 boys in a little house. I should have known it was what I needed to recuperate and prepare myself for what was to come this week. We had watched the morning session of conference. What I could hear of it was very touching and inspiring.  We are so blessed that the kids do so well with staying with people. I don’t what I would do if my child cried and screamed every time we left them. I used to joke that they didn’t mind leaving me because I wasn’t any fun. That is obviously not true. All of my boys have a cozy blanket of security. They know they are loved unconditionally and will never be in any harm or danger. I thought that I could only feel “Mama Bear” protecting her cubs, with my boys, but it showed up this week when I was fighting for Jason.
We said good bye to Dylan and Jackson when they left for the bus that morning. Jason slept in while I got the babies ready… almost in time for my two great friends Jodi and Crystal to take over. While Jodi was there she saw how Kellen was talking. She said he didn’t do that at all when he stayed at her house last time. I initially felt sad when I heard that. I try not to think about how my boys are doing for these reasons alone. I felt relieved when he was leaving he vigorously waved bye to me from the car. I knew he would be my Kells Bells now, himself!
Jason took a nap on the way up to Dallas. We didn’t have to wait long to get in. As we were leaving the parking lot of the radiation clinic, Jason said that he had to get a refill for his Zofran. I panicked because I knew that it wasn’t going to be that easy. I asked him how many he had left and he said 2. Then I really panicked. I knew I had only 8 hours to get what he needed. My fight or flight was put into motion. I called the pharmacy and said that we needed a refill. They said that the insurance denied it, and that our doctor needed to call the insurance to request the medicine. Luckily Mary the secretary for Dr. Nedzi was very understanding with me and realizes the panic and seriousness in my voice. See Jason makes fun of me for this. Comes in handy in situations like this. I called the pharmacy back and they said that the prescription was ready. I was surprised; they refilled the Zofran that easy? No your Dr. called in Promethazine. I told him that medicine didn’t work and we needed the Zofran. Jason was right in front of me when I was saying this I told him to get Mary’s number for me. He must of misunderstood me because he had called her. Of course she answered her phone right away, unlike most in the medical world, so now I had Mary on one ear and the pharmacist on the other. It actually worked in my favor because I was able to tell Mary word for word what the pharmacist needed. I got off the phone with him first and she explained to me that the doctor had a couple of patients to see first then he would call them again. I knew there was nothing else I could do. I trusted that the doctor was going to do what he needed to do to make the insurance see the error of their ways. I had gotten dressed up that day because usually Jason feels best on Mondays and we can go to a movie. Of course the chemo and radiation had finally gotten the best of him and he was too tired. He then did something hardly ever does, and told me to go get a pedicure. I didn’t waste a minute and headed out!          

I was deep into my happy place we all know about when you are getting a great massage when the doctor’s office called. I was surprised to hear it was the doctor himself. Dr. Cannon was the new intern working with Dr. Nedzi. What a way to begin! He said that he had haggled with the insurance company and what we had to do was write file a prescription appeal. We had to write a letter explaining why he needed this medicine and that UT southwestern had permission to give it to him. What a pain!!! Remember caught me in my happy place! No problem we would make it work! They agreed to give Jason enough for three days. I was able to pick that up on the way home. I felt like I was giving Jason a million dollars or gold coins when I put those pills in his hand! I told Jason about the letter and since he had a nap he was pumped enough to do it. It was late and Jason didn’t want to go down to the office in the hotel to print it up, but he had done something to my phone so I would easily be able to do it while he was in getting chemo. We didn’t even need to wait that long, because after only being there for a few minutes I walked up to the first person who had a printer and asked them who could help me. She told me about calling the tech personal, but I knew it was going to need that. Jason had showed me how to ask for available computers on my phone, but then I realized that I could just email it to this girl and she could print it up. She said that would be fine and gave me the paper. Jason signed it, and then she even faxed it for us.
 I was hoping to get going on my letters, but I didn’t have the drive. I was just drained! I was then surprised to receive a text message that my trusty clan in Abilene had finally done the impossible! My good friend Kristy told me that they had secured a venue for the Yardley Fun Run in Abilene! I was so relieved! I had invited family that didn’t live in Texas and was going to be so disappointed if I told them it wasn’t going to happen. I definitely needed to hear that great news! I still didn’t get that wonderful drive I needed do get what I needed done, but I was a lot happier! The nurse who was taking care of him at the chemo clinic was great. She had talked about problems that she was having with her son, and it really put ours into perspective. We got out of Chemo and headed straight over to radiation. We didn’t realize that we had to have our appointment with the Dr that we usually have on Thursdays. It actually worked in our favor because after us complaining so much about the Zofran, we realized that he was going to run out of his pain medicine too. I am so unbelievably appreciative of everyone who is helping with this insurance issue. This sweet nurse has been helping us. She had called the insurance and argued with them. I thought it was funny how she was more fired up about it than I was. She again called me this morning and told me how they were going to keep on them.
We had been been pretty worn out after all that, and it was getting pretty late. I bought some more fast food on the way home. I think I feel like if I can eat all this fattening food maybe Jason will inherit my calories…hmm not so much! I thought the drama for the day was over, but when Jason had been asleep for a little while and I had just barely gotten there, our FIRE ALARM had suddenly gone off. I think I was still asleep and ran to the bathroom and pulled my scentscy plug in out of the wall and it crashed into the sink. Luckily it was just white wax. Jason started getting dressed so I quickly followed. We got inline with everyone else heading down the stairs. I called my MIL so she could experience this chaos with us. We got down stairs and the fire truck was quickly in the parking lot. We waited awhile; I didn’t think there was a fire, just one of the faulty blunders that this hotel was known for. We got back into our room an hour later. It was another night of Jason getting up every hour, but I was in a deep sleep when again the fire alarm went off at 7:30 in the morning. I was trying to talk Jason out of it, but we got dressed and headed down stairs. There were less people then the night before, and when we didn’t see any fire truck I walked over to the front window and saw the clerk behind the counter. We walked in Jason actually asked her if we were ok to go back in. She rolled her eyes and played it off; she said there is just a kid who keeps pulling the fire alarm! Huh! Really blaming it on a kid! Where is this kids parents and why aren’t they getting fined $10,000 for doing this! Oh boy! So here we are! Well 8 hours later! It wasn’t a continuous 8 hours, but I have had a lot to talk about. Sorry if I got a little worded, as Jason likes to say. I don’t know how I am going to keep this up when I am back home. Hopefully there is not much to say other them Jason is less nauseous, Jason is getting more energy, Jason is in less pain, Jason is eating more, Jason can move his tongue better, Jason can talk clearly, Jason had a clear MRI!!! Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. If you are one of the doctors, nurses or secretaries that have been helping us, please know you are the best! Thank you for doing your job so well with so much care.
P.S. if there is a P.S. in blogs! Just had a brilliant idea! Called our trusty friend Kristin and she is going to help us with our Zofran situation! You might get hit in the face if you complain about the pharmacy on base! Jason has tried to cut down on the Zofran and has already thrown up two times tonight. I will be fuming if we have to take him to the ER again!!!!

What an Easter Weekend!!

Events from 28-31 March 2013

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Oh boy ours…..came in busy, topped off scary, and ended relieving. I thought all the drama was behind us with the infested room and my newly faded black pants, all thanks to housekeeping. After Jason threw up on Thursday night, his stomach was a little unsettled. Nothing sounded good to him, especially anything that would aid in his weight maintenance. That continued Friday morning, he was able to eat some Cream of Wheat for breakfast, but that was pretty much it for the day. He was exhausted by the time we came home and spent most of the night in bed. That was ok with me, because the babies stayed home with me while Grandma and Grandpa took Dylan and Jackson to “Oz”. I was able to be introduced to a whole new side of Harrison. He is the baby of the family, but wasn’t acting like it. He was standing on our little rocking chair backwards and rocking it… hard watching me watching him… smiling. I thought my goodness when did you become the little rebel of the family! Then he recruited Kellen in on the action and they climbed the chairs in the kitchen and proceeded to climb on top of the table, stand, and laugh at me!!! Seriously this is my 16 month old dragging his 29 month old brother to the dark side. Luckily I was able to distract them with lying on the ground and letting them attack me. That always works. One thing nice about being away from my boys all week, I appreciate playing with them so much more.
Jason didn’t get much better by Saturday morning, but he was able to eat some more Cream of Wheat and pumped himself  up enough to ride out with Dylan, Jackson,  and I at 9:30 for Jackson’s 10:00 game and Dylan’s 12:00 game. I personally thought he might last through Jackson’s game, but he wouldn’t feel as bad missing Dylan’s because he had seen him play before. I was about 1 mile away from home when Jason asked me for a bag. He then threw up, pretty violently. The boys went quiet. I was worried about Jason, but I was also worried about how the boys were going to take it. They did pretty well with it. I just explained to them that daddy had poison in him that was killing the cancer, but it made it sick sometimes. I wasn’t so sure myself though. I didn’t know why Jason was throwing up when he wasn’t complaining of being nauseous. 12 hours later I wished I had turned that car around right then and forced Jason to stay in bed. We went on and pretended everything was ok. Anyone could just look at Jason and see that he was not ok, but no one says anything. Jackson did great at batting, but when he was told to run to second he said “No, I need to conserve my energy.”  It was hilarious.

I was hoping that Jason would nominate when I said “Someone needs to stay home with the babies next game, any takers?” Obviously I wasn’t talking to Grandma and Grandpa, but Jason said I want to watch Dylan. I knew that Dylan’s game would be at least 90 minutes, so Jason wouldn’t get home until after 1:30. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to eat anything that they had there and wasn’t going to rip out his feeding tube and bolus feed a protein shake in front of everyone. That was what I was thinking about, that he wasn’t going to be getting any calories. Not that uh dud, along with not getting anything for substance, he wasn’t getting any liquid either. He went from drinking ½ gallon of milk a day 3 days ago, to not even be able to take a sip of water without gagging. He came home at 1:40 and went straight into the shower. I went in to see if he was ok. He said that his pee was brown, and he had to start rehydrating himself ASAP. He was right thinking that gravity feeding 2 oz of Vitamin Water and 1 oz of water every 15 minutes was a good way to not upset his stomach, but still get what he needed. After 2 hours of doing this, we relaxed a little and tried a lemon Gatorade. Nope didn’t work and he threw it up. I called our good friend, who happens to be our flight doc, Kirstin Dewilde.

It was Saturday afternoon and I hated to have to call her, but I knew that she would help us out. I told her what was going on, and she told us we probably should have gone to the ER when his pee was brown, but just to keep doing and what we were doing, and go to the ER if he throws up again or doesn’t pee by 10 pm. Well we didn’t have to wait that long because when I came in from doing yard work with Grandpa and Grandma to wake up Jason for more hydration at 7:45pm, he said that he had just thrown up again. I jumped in the shower and we drove to the “other” hospital (see first story for our reasons why we avoid the hospital that is only 2 miles from our house) We have heard a lot of good things about Hendricks and most of our doctor friends worked there. Unfortunately the friend who is an ER doctor wasn’t working, but I thought about name dropping him to push the pill seekers to the side and get my husband hooked up to some saline before he went into kidney failure. Obviously this is what I was feeling, but Jason was telling me too chill out and that he would be ok. When I realized I was bleeding on my arm because I was digging my nails into them.

I “waited” patiently behind the other drug seeker (maybe not, but no one there deserved treatment more than my husband… in my eyes) and asked if they were going to be able to help us soon. I don’t know if it helped or not, but he was called up next. After they saw him up close and heard that he was a cancer patient they got him into a room pretty quickly. I felt a little better, but I knew there were a lot of people there and it was going to be awhile till Jason saw the Dr. A moment later a male nurse came in who was an Abilene native. He was just what we (I) needed to put us (me) at ease. He said that he needed to draw some blood for labs and it would take around 45 minutes before they would get done. Then we would probably see the doc. I was about to throw a fit when he said, “But I will start an IV soon so we can get you back on track” Now I could finally chill, even more when he actually did it! Another hour went by and still no Dr, but it was time for Jason to take his morphine pill and since he was in too much pain to swallow his pain pill….yeah I know, case in point, I needed to track down our nurse.

Found him pretty quickly, and since he couldn’t find a pill crusher for Jason’s oxycodone and the ER doctor couldn’t prescribe the Morphine granules that Jason could fit into his feeding tube. They gave him Dilaudid, never heard of it, but they said it was Morphine’s “big brother” so we thought we could give it a chance. It worked and another hour later the doctor finally came in. He said that all the labs hadn’t come back yet, but what had come back looked good. I said even the kidneys, well that was the one we were still waiting on, of course. We told him what had happened and why we were there. We told him that we didn’t understand why Jason was throwing up if he wasn’t feeling nauseous. We also told him that since Jason was on a clinical trial, that he had to call the on call doctor in Dallas. He told us that he would do that and get back to us, but he would like to see Jason get another liter of fluid!!! It was now 12:00, and we were pretty sure we would go home tonight, but had no idea when. The doctor finally came in again and he told us that he had talked to the on call doctor in Dallas, and they had a plan!!

Jason was experiencing side effects of the chemo. He may have not felt nauseous, but his body was reacting that way and he needed to get Zofran on board and take 1 pill every 4 hours, and that he couldn’t take too many. That was different than what we heard different from the Chemo Doctor today. We just barely talked about it, and Jason will use 4 Zofran pills a day and use the Phenegran at night. Anyway, back to the story.  He explained how he should take his feedings slower, and mentioned some other tricks. He believed that we would be ok once the Zofran was on board. Since they couldn’t go by his test results because chemo messes with them, they wouldn’t let us leave until Jason peed. He said that why not add another bag and force it out of him!!! Halfway between the third bag Jason finally did it. I have a picture of it but Jason won’t let me post it. I will have to say that it was the color of rust. Yuck!! The doctor and nurse came in and said oh yeah you were really dehydrated. When we got home we pretty much got conformation of what the ER doctor said.

It had been 4 hours since the nurse added the Zofran to the IV. Jason came home and immediately ran to the kitchen sink and threw up. We got his pills crushed now including his Zofran and got him straight into bed. It was a short night for me when Kellen came and woke me up at 6 am. I about told him to go find Grandma and Grandpa, but of course they didn’t go to bed until we got home and they had done so much for us I knew they needed their sleep more than I did. Every ½ hour another Yardley boy crawled out of bed so by 8 am I had 4 very excited boys that wanted to get to all the presents that “Easter Bunny” AKA Grandma had brought them! I distracted them with pancakes and kept everyone contained till 9 am. Jason had actually come out shortly after Kellen woke me up and said go hide the eggs outside. Um yeah that wasn’t going to happen. Luckily after the two oldest woke up I was able to saddle them with Kellen and told them I had to go outside and see where the bunny had hid the eggs so I could help them find them later. Yes that actually worked.

It was about 9:30 and I had asked Jason earlier if he wanted me to wake him up when the boys went looking for eggs so I wanted to wait until he was close to needing to take his pills. The boys loved all the presents that the “Easter Bunny” AKA Grandma had brought them. Finding the eggs was exciting for the older boys but the babies didn’t really know what was going on. After awhile Kellen caught on, but by then Dylan and Jackson had decided to destroy all the eggs by throwing them at the fence. I went in and got the plastic eggs and hid a few! We were able to get the babies in a nap before church, but it didn’t matter with Harrison because he still kept giving Grandma a hard time. I was glad to have the help because the talks were so wonderful. I was sad that this might be the last full sacrament I will be able to attend until Jason is well enough to join us. We had to leave after Sacrament to take Grandma and Grandpa to the airport. The boys weren’t too worried when they left because I reassured them they would see their grandma and grandpa real soon! Not having to focus on a big Easter meal kind of took the nostalgia away for me and Jason, but we know that there will be plenty of more years to get back into traditions!!! If you are still reading this, thank you for sticking with it. I joked with Jason that I had to write a big long explanation why our kids were in their diapers and pajamas for our Easter hunt picture.  Feel free to leave a comment. It helps for me to know how to lay down future posts.